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Signal Integrity Q&A Collection using Keysight ADS

001-052 Signal Integrity Q&A Outline
Part 1 Fundamental
SI Matrix
001- I am new to SI simulation. How to start learning SI simulation?
002- What is difference between SERDES and DDR in SI simulation and analysis?
003- What SI analysis approaches does ADS support?
004- What is the difference between pre-simulation and post-simulation?
005- What kind of circuit simulator & EM solver supported by ADS for SI analysis?
ADS Platform
006- What are benefits of ADS platform for SI design and analysis?
007- How to make a complex schematic readable?
008- What is “DesignGuide” and what it can help in signal integrity analysis?
009- What are benefits of ADS data display?
Part 2 Design Cycle
010- What is a “Signal Integrity Design Cycle”?
IO Modeling
011- How to import an HSPICE netlist of IO Buffer for SI simulation?
012- How to build SERDES transmitter and receiver Algorithmic Model Interface (AMI) models with SystemVue?
013- How to set up IBIS (Input/Output Buffer Information Specification) models for SI simulation in ADS?
Channel Modeling
014- Could you explain how to model high speed channel? And what I have to pay attention to when modeling a channel?
015- Which components in ADS are used in channel modeling for signal integrity design and analysis?
016- How to design a transmission line in ADS?
017- How to design controlled impedance vias with Via Drawing Utility?
018- What is current return path of a transmission line?
019- How to build a measurement-based channel model?
020- What is “broadband SPICE model” and how to generate it?
EM Modeling
021- What structures in a transmission line cause impedance mismatch?
022- How to Import a PCB layout into ADS layout editor
023- How to perform an Electromagnetic (EM) simulation within ADS?
024- How to define pins and ports in ADS momentum?
025- How to extract an RLC equivalent circuit of a package from S parameters?
026- How to extract S parameters of a high speed connector in EMPro?
027- How to export EMPro simulation results to ADS for SI simulation?
028- What is the benefit of S parameter simulation? And what components are specific for S parameter simulation?
029- What components in ADS are used for Transient analysis?
030- What are benefits of ChannelSim? What components in ADS are compatible with ChannelSim?
031- How to set up bit sequence in ADS source components?
032- How to build an optimal and robust high speed digital design?
033- How to perform batch simulation efficiently with Batch Simulation controller?
034- How to examine performance of multi-channels efficiently?
035- How to calculate insertion loss, return loss and crosstalk of differential pairs in mixed mode S parameters?
036- Does ADS have signal analyses like those in oscilloscopes?
037- Keysight ENA option TDR is used to convert measured S parameter to TDR. How can I get TDR impedance from an S parameter in ADS?
038- How to debug a SERDES design with jitter analysis?
039- How to export waveform files from ADS to Infiniium for eye and jitter analyses?
040- How to read a waveform file of csv format in ADS for SI analysis?
041- How to build a compliance test report of DDR4 simulation?
Part 3 Applications
042- What are architectures of high speed SERDES transmitter and receiver?
043- What is Inter Symbol Interference (ISI)?
044- How does pre-emphasis work to improve a high speed digital signal?
045- How does Continuous Time Linear Equalizer (CTLE) work to improve a high speed digital signal?
046- How does Feed Forward Equalizer (FFE) work to improve a high speed digital signal?
047- How does Decision Feedback Equalizer (DFE) work to improve a high speed digital signal?
Power Integrity
048- What are high frequency characteristics of a real capacitor?
049- How to import vendor component libraries and use those components in a design?
050- How to model a power distribution system?
051- How to analyze impedance of a Power Distribution Network (PDN)?
052- How to select decoupling capacitors to meet target impedance of a PDN efficiently?