Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Technology

In 1973, Tze-Chiang Science and Technology Service was founded through the donations made by National TsingHua University alumni.

The organization was renamed as Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Technology (TCFST) in January,1997.

In 1985 Tze-Chiang Foundation launched a five-year semiconductor talent training program during the rise of the semiconductor industry. “TCFST provides training to engineers and develops the workforce for the semiconductor industry at the Science Park. Starting out as a small organization, TCFST has grown to become a leader of manpower training and development.

In the future, TCFST will move forward with international exchange in all realms of technological and managerial endeavor to foster Taiwan’s industrial and economic development.

Committed to professional training and technical services to enhance industrial Competitiveness
A global leader of talent cultivation
Primary services
All-round talent training
Customized industrial services
Diversified enterprise counselling

  Strategy 5.0

  Training business focus
  • Government-Commissioned Talent Training
  • International Semiconductor Talent Training
  • Corporate Sustainable Development Talent Training
  • Professional Certification Training
  • Online Distance Learning
    • Department of
    • Competency developing training
    • Trendy digital teaching
    • Project planning implementation
    • Electronic
    • High - tech professional and technical practice training
    • Functional developing training
    • Project planning implementation
    • Strategic
    • International talent exchange and conference
    • New business analysis and development
    • Project planning implementation
    • Semiconductor
    • MEMS process、Lithographic process、All kinds of coating and etching、
    • Laser dicing saws、Copper and nickel electroplating、Anodic bonding、
    • Silicon substrate deep etching、High temperature oxidation process
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